All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai

Imagine a world in 2016 that is nearly perfect.  It has everything mankind could dream of – an unlimited source of clean energy, time travel, flying cars, synthetic solutions – in fact every problem humans used to face has been solved thanks to technology.  Imagine that you live in this utopia world, but then you start to mess things up.  You mess things up so much that you end up traveling back in time to when the wonderous clean energy machine was created — July 11, 1965 to be exact.  Oh and while you’re there, you ruin the machine.  You change the future … for the worse.  Because now when you go back to 2016, it’s the 2016 that we know as our reality  – no unlimited clean energy and certainly no flying cars.

This is exactly what happened to the main character Tom in Elan Mastai’s masterful debut novel.  Tom ruined the future by ruining the past and is now stuck in a 2016 that (while it seems normal to us) is very backwards and primitive to him.  But while he’s living in this 2016 he meets a bookstore owner named Penny, who he promptly falls in love with.  Love is something he never experienced in the utopia 2016.  Does Tom try to fix his mistakes and set the timeline back to normal, allowing utopia 2016 to exist?  Or does he simply use time travel and his knowledge of the clean energy machine to impress his new love Penny?  A great read, with echoes of Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Intrigued?  Reserve All Our Wrong Todays today (which may be the current today or the alternative reality utopia today…)