Letters to a Young Muslim by Omar Saif Ghobash

While it is the violent and extreme factions of Islam that have come to dominate the headlines in recent years, Omar Saif Ghobash seeks to reclaim his faith from those radicals.  Ghobash, the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Russia, has felt the impact of senseless violence on his own life.  When he was just a child, his father was assassinated by a Palestinian supporter who misidentified him for someone who was targeted for death for political reasons.  With that event as his background, Ghobash wishes to give his young sons his own values and thoughts on Islam through a series of open letters that make up this book.  In those letters, Ghobash explains to his sons how to be a strong, faithful moderate Muslim — that it is possible to fit harmoniously into an interconnected modern world while remaining true to their faith.  His strongest encouragement comes when he advocates that young Muslims be responsible as individuals and not to fall under the spell of radicals from within and outside of their faith.  In this work, Ghobash gives voice to Muslims seeking to find a constructive, rather than destructive, path in the world.

This is an extremely important and timely book for both Muslims and non-Muslims.  Request it here.